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Kayaking St Augustine is a wonderful way to explore the wildlife the history of the nations oldest city. Our St Augustine kayak tour is slow paced and family friendly. This kayak adventure leaves from the St Augustine Lighthouse Park and paddles up into the Anastasia State Park, where possible wildlife sightings may include, Dolphins, Sea Turtles, Manatees, Stingrays, and a vast array of Marsh Birds including the Roseate Spoonbill, Osprey/Sea hawks, Egrets and many more.

Experience beautiful views of the St Augustine Lighthouse. See the aquatic landscape of St Augustine that many victors miss. Learn some cool history of St Augustine as well as fun facts about the marine life and the beautiful water birds of the area.

Never kayaked before? No worries. After a 15 minute tutorial, our guide will fit you with the proper Coast Guard Inspected Kayak and gear and have you paddling in no time, enjoying this St. Augustine treasure.

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  Group Kayak Tour: 

Public St Augustine Kayaking Tour Price Tandem kayak (2 people) $100.00 /Tandem kayak Adult & Child $85.00 / Solo Kayaks $65.00 

We require a minimum of 4 people signed up for our tours to go out. If you have less than four 4 people in your group, you may still reserve.  In the rare event the minimum number of reservations is not met, you will be notified 24 hours prior to your tour time, at which time you have the option to reschedule or a full refund

We also offer this tour as private with a 4 person minimum

Private St Augustine Kayaking Tour Price – Tandem Kayak $120.00 / Single Kayak $75.00 with a four person minimum.

WhereSt Augustine Lighthouse Park located at 442 Ocean Vista Ave. St Augustine Fl. 32080

When – Daily at 9:00 a.m. when the wind is light and a much better chance of seeing wildlife.

Our guides are great please remember them, Gratuity is not included in the price. If you would like to leave a tip on your credit card after your tour just let us know.

Duration –  about 2 hours

Distance –  about 2 miles

What to Bring – Shorts or bathing suite, Wet shoes or shoes that can get wet, Sunblock, Hat” 

Planning that special occasion? We specialize in private corporate, events and special occasions. Our fleet of kayaks and paddle boards are mobile and we can come to you at your community lake or water front, or set up a paddle event anywhere in north or central Fl. in our beautiful springs and rivers.

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The Atlantic bottlenose dolphin is the species that we see on our kayak tours throughout the waters of St Augustine. We have a local pod that live in the Salt Run and in the local area. Here are a few fun facts about our local friends.

Dolphin Fun Facts

Coastal dolphins generally form smaller pods than the offshore pods.

Dolphins that live within a home range are called local residents. Inshore bottle nose dolphins are typically seen in bays, tidal creeks, inlets, marshes, rivers, and waters along the open ocean beach, often at depths of 10 ft.or less. The inshore pods seem to be adapting to warm, shallow waters. Their smaller body and larger flippers suggest increased maneuverability in the shallows and heat dissipation.

The distribution/migration of prey correlated with seasonal changes in water temperature may account for the seasonal movements of some dolphins. Inshore bottlenose dolphins found in warmer waters show less seasonal movements and many have been observed staying within a limited, long-term home range, such as St Augustine. Adult males range more widely than females.

Dolphin skin is highly specialized and plays an important role in hydrodynamics. Cutaneous ridges can be seen on the surface of a dolphin’s skin that run circumferential around the body trunk and vary in direction past the dorsal fin and other isolated areas. Cutaneous ridges may play an important role in sensory function
and in drag reduction as a dolphin swims.

A dolphin’s skin feels rubbery and smooth. The skin has no hair or sweat glands. The outer skin layer (epidermis) is about 15 to 20 times thicker than the epidermis of humans.

Dolphin skin constantly flakes and peels as new skin cells replace old cells. A bottlenose dolphin’s outermost skin layer may be replaced every 2 hours. This sloughing rate is 9 times faster than in humans. This turnover rate ensures a smooth body surface and probably helps increase swimming efficiency by reducing drag.

Bottlenose dolphins are not endangered or threatened.

The worldwide population of common bottlenose dolphins is about 600,000.
The average size of bottlenose dolphins are 6.6 to 12.8 ft. Their average weight is 150 331.5 to 442 lbs.

Maximum length and weight reported in the wild was from an individual in the Eastern North Atlantic that measured 13.5 ft.and 1,400 lbs.

Experience our magnificent family of dolphins.

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